Tea and crumpets!


This morning has been one of pure indulgence, after waking from an undisturbed nights sleep I had the pleasure of spending an hour reading and soaking in a hot bath followed by tea and crumpets.  I’m now writing and to be honest I didn’t think the morning could get much better.  However, whilst reading through next months Writing Magazine I realised that they have published the letter I emailed them a month or so back about local writing groups! 


Whilst I realise for others this would be a minor event, trivial even, to me it’s another step on my writing journey and I’m thrilled.  I’ve procrastinated for years about writing seriously but it was going on maternity leave last year that pushed me to get on with it.


Since then I’ve had my writing published, joined Stockport Writers Circle, started a creative writing course at my local college and I’m even planning my first novel.  My blog has been neglected I admit but I think planning to write in it daily overwhelmed me and put me off completely.


Yet again I find myself on maternity leave and though I’ll have less time to write than before with 3 children to look after I know if I’m determined I’ll get there.  2014 is full of many writing plans and I’ll be back to post as they develop!



A poem


I’ve not written any poetry for many, many years.  Last night, as part of my creative writing course we were asked to write some flash poetry.  I thought posting my attempt on my blog would be a good way to restart blogging 🙂


Sunshine’s southern comfort,

decrepit old house,

trusting but mistaken,

betrayal of footsteps.

A very strange day…..


My day is just getting more and more surreal.  It started off fairly normally with my daughter going to sleep for her morning nap and me getting on with the usual cleaning and tidying.  I detest cleaning/tidying with a passion but I also detest a dirty house so it’s a necessary evil, I’d much rather be writing, knitting or sewing instead.  Time passes by so quickly doesn’t it? I feel like it’s a waste when I’m not doing the things I’m passionate about.

I sat down at my keyboard to get some writing done before the police arrived.   Hmmm yeah again not your normal everyday occurrence, but then not everyone works at the hospital where people were given insulin when they didn’t need it!  It’s nearly two years ago and whilst it unnerves me that they don’t appear to have caught the perpetrator yet, at least whoever was doing it has stopped now.   Talking to the police about it no longer scares me like it did in the early days.  No matter how many times I reminded myself I’d done nothing wrong, it still freaked me out when they turned up to interview us.  I’ve made enough statements and really didn’t think they’d be bothering me again.

After they left I quickly grabbed a late breakfast/early lunch knowing Elanore would wake up at any minute, as she’d been asleep for well over 2 hours (her normal napping time).  All was silent, so I carried on writing, contacted an editor regarding a possible article, answered a few emails and had a quick break looking on Facebook.  Eventually four hours after I put her down for her nap I decided enough was enough and I needed to wake her up!  We had to get ready to go out for her ‘settling in’ session at nursery and we only had an hour left for lunch, getting changed, milk etc.!  Four hour naps during the day are unheard of in our house, the most we’ve ever had before is three hour naps and even those long make me feel strangely uncomfortable.

So currently I’m sat in Costa typing this and drinking coffee on my own, no baby! Even here, where I’ve escaped the real world, things have been strange.  After ordering my drink at the till I moved over to wait whilst they made my coffee.  I turned to see the man in the queue behind me order his drink with the simple statement ‘Can I have the same please?’  Anyone who has been for coffee with me will already know why this unnerved me a little.  Who, apart from me has a large decaf, soya latte with hazelnut syrup? Seriously who?  It’s not that I’m pretentious, it’s just I’m a breastfeeding vegan with a sweet tooth and I’m not sure there are that many of us about!

As I’m waiting for my drink, The Cure starts playing followed by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I’m still feeling ok, just hoping the bloke behind me doesn’t come and sit next to me when I sit down with my coffee.  I quickly find a table and chair, cover the seat next to me with a newspaper and whip out the laptop and look busy.  It works!  He sits opposite me but I hide behind my screen.

I’ve just left my daughter for the first time at nursery, with people I don’t know and I feel surprisingly ok about it.  I was expecting tears, a lot of them, (mine not hers) but they’re not coming.  I’m hoping it’s because she’s already had a few settling in sessions with me there and that whilst I don’t know the staff I feel confident that she’s safe there.  But it’s more than that isn’t it?   It’s not just about her being safe it’s about her feeling happy and secure without me.  As I walked out of the room she was sat playing, smiling, looking at the other babies without a second glance my way.  Perhaps all this attachment parenting is working and I have a happy, confident daughter?

A start!


Whilst away on holiday last week I started reading ‘The Positively Productive Writer’ by Simon Whaley.  This book is just what I needed to motivate me and get me moving forward towards my goal of writing for a living.  I now have focus and a plan for moving forwards and many, many ideas for fiction and non-fiction pieces.  Today something else has really motivated me and that is seeing my name in print for the first time!  It’s only a very small article but for me it’s a start in the direction I wish to go and a step closer to my long-term goal.

The rest of my life……


‘Paranoid? Me? You’re a pile of fucking shite you are!’

No dear reader this isn’t me talking, as I lay in bed this morning I had the pleasure of listening to the couple outside my house screaming at each other, well to be fair ‘she’ was doing most of the screaming, it appeared ‘he’ was trying to calm her down.  She repeated the lovely phrase noted above numerous times.  For a moment I was tempted to get out of bed to have a look and see what had upset her so.  However, I thought better of it and chose to pick up my now wide awake daughter and take her downstairs away from the cacophony of yelling and swearing.

It’s usually fairly quiet where we are but every now and again I’m treated to the delights of people who seem to know no better.  I don’t live in the worst place in the world though, the estate just up the road is no longer a no-go area for the police, actually it could still be…..I digress…

I really have to thank the couple whose antics woke me this morning, for one I needed to get up but secondly they motivated me to start my blog, today.  I’ve procrastinated long enough, as a Pisces we’re renowned for it 🙂

Tomorrow it will be a year until I’m 40, during a recent text conversation, a dear friend reminded me of an old Land Rover advert’s byline “One Life. Live it” when I was complaining there was too much to do and too little time.  Initially I was quite affronted, “I am living my life!” I almost text back.  Then I stopped myself and I’ve spent the last few days contemplating this and realised most of the time I’m not living, I’m just getting by and perhaps instead I should be using my time more wisely.

There are many things I still want to achieve in my lifetime and I’ve been treading water for too long.  It’s far too easy to get caught up in the housekeeping drudgery of everyday life and forget there is so much yet to do!

So top of my list is to start writing everyday, and thus my blog is born….